Dr. Rebekah Nunn Chiropractic

My Story

Why did I become a Chiropractor? This is a great question, and one that I am frequently asked. Many people discover chiropractic after an accident of some sort or becuase they had no relief from traditional medicine, I on the other hand was introduced to chiropractic competely by accident. I wasn't looking for a chiropractor and didn't even realize I had a problem, so here is how the story goes.

I use to be a competitive bodybuilder (natural body builder) in the 80's, as I was training for a major show I discovered I was unable to raise my arms away from the side of my body. I had no pain but all of the sudden I was uable to "abduct" my arms. Prior to this point I had spent hours, days, weeks and years training. Performing all kinds of intense workout routines trying to shock my body in order to develope the muscles and the asthetics I needed to be a serious competitor. While I was thinking of insane ways to work my body, working out hour upon hour I was silently injuring or causing nerve compression in my neck. Some of you are familiar with a 'Squat' exercise. Those of you who are familiar with the exercise  let me explain. A squat is a movement which requires a large bar (45 lbs.) is placed behind your head supported across the shoulders and stabilized with your hands. The bar has been loaded with several heavy metal plates each also weighing 45lbs. The squat is done in order to develop buttock and thigh muscles.  

After years and years of performing this excercise it finally caught up to me. All of the sudden I couldn't raise my arms away from the sides of my body. While I was at the gym a gentelman who unbeknownst to me was a Doctor of Chiropractic, observed the frequent shrugging of my neck and head. Which I now know was "innate" trying to address the situation. He asked "what was wrong with me"? I had no idea and really hadn't noticed that I was performing this odd mannerism. After thinking about it I recalled my mother questioning me about this "twitch" (as all loving mothers do). It must not have been  very "lady like". In any case he said he could help me. Remember I HAD NO PAIN, I wasn't even aware that there was a problem aside from the inability to raise my arms to the side. This squirming was my body trying to correct the situation but becuase I was continually doing what I was doing the problem continued to escalate thus now preventing me from raising my arms.

After this man told me he could help me I became curious about chiropractic and wondered if there was really something wrong with me. I decided to let him take a look. After a series of adjustments the twitching stopped, and I was able to effortlessly raise my arms.  He helped me without drugs!

I'm very thankful to this day that I met this doctor. He has changed my life, thus enabling me to change the lives of my family members, and my community. I regularly treat my entire family and every time they ask me to help them with something they are amazed at the power of chiropractic. 

It is an honor to be able to do what I do for my family and for my patients. It is a blessing to help others and for that I am truly appreciative. 

Chiropractic helps because it helps the body heal itself, "The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body". Chiropractic is a safe and gentle way to encourage and enhance the body's innate ability to do so! This is why I love being a chiropractor, we see miracles every day. We see people improve and respond to the adjustments without any other sort of intervention. Don't get me wrong there are times when traditional medicine is necessary but it make sense to try something least invasive first.  

Chiropractic Works! We would love to serve you and or your family!

God bless,

Dr. Rebekah S. Nunn